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I said maybe it's immigrants in a anti vaxx post on reddit and got downvoted to hell and my only response from anyone is that I'm racist.

The website is a fucking honk and a half.

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The left are going to bring about a cataclysm that not only destroys the grand experiment that is the United States, but possibly irrevocably damages the 5000 year old Western society we all cherish (well, here at least). Once shit hits the fan on a global scale, the left MAY become introspective at that point. But not before. We're going to be dealing with the most epic civilization crash in human history - and it's all thanks to jews.

"How To Destroy A 5000 Year Old Society In Just A Century" By Shlomo Shekelberg.

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cute, you think this is the first cycle of civilization reset

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Because white people are smarter than the immigrants. See white people know they should get vaccines, but some don’t, so it’s a problem. The immigrants are literally too stupid to know about vaccines and the benefits of them so we cut them a break. If college was free for immigrants maybe they could be taught by all of our smart white professors and then they would be smart enough to get vaccines.

Their stance is such gymnastics to get around the fact that they are in fact racist, but play the holier than thou card for everything.

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Welcome to clown world where logic gets you nowhere. What wins is rhetoric. honk honk

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honk honk

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could we expose the hypocrisy of California leftists on public health?

They pass out free needles instead of trying to confront their drug addiction epidemic, they allow diseased homeless people and drug addicts to shit in the streets, they encourage race-mixing especially with African migrants fresh off the boat, they encourage unprotected anonymous sex, they're trying to normalize pedophilia, and have pretty much decriminalized purposely giving someone AIDS.

I'd say that they've shown they are a public health hazard.

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Voat is literally full of anti vaxxers, you can't blame AV on migrants alone...

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In nations where a disease has been eradicated future vaccinations are no longer required. It's not like they're going to spontaneously reemerge or anything as they need host bodies to survive. The issue then is shitskins coming into our nations from shitholes we can't even visit without getting 50 shots first to protect us. We bring them in all willy nilly without thinking that they too should be given a shit ton of injections and then quarantined for a few months before being released into the general public. It's utter madness and is the sole reason that diseases from the middle ages that we fought so hard to eradicate are making a comeback.

[–] N0F4TCH1X ago 

We still vaccinate for theses diseases because they can comeback and they do if you don't vaccinate... I agree with everything you said but if you don't vaccinate this is what happens, its not ONLY because of migrants is my point.

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While it's fun for our own entertainment to expose lefty hypocrisy, they're incapable of seeing it themselves. So point it out of our fun, but I wouldn't count on changing any minds as they discard contradictory information.

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That will just make them want to import more creatures and give them even more free stuff.

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you’re thinking too dialectically if we’re going to survive clown world honk honk