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Do they run the same warning for BBC? Hmmmmm

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No goy, that's GOOD propaganda!

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Yes, they do.

[–] Derpfroot ago 

Yes...and Australian news networks and anyone else. Even vids that talk about Area 51 have a wiki link automatically put under the video, just like the wiki's for the other news networks.

[–] Adam_Jensen_ ago  (edited ago)

They word it different, they will say PBS is publicly funded broadcasting or something more "friendly".

[–] jackthebutholeripper ago 

Id be more interested to see what description they give bbc vids than pbs vids, the two arent really comparable.

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Can they also warn us which sources have Jews on their executive board, or are financed with big bank loans that trickled down from the Jewish Federal reserve?

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you have it backwards... the US government doesn't pay for media, the media owns the US government.

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And (((they))) own the media. Don't know who is on top of them though.

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I see the government, the media, the big banks, and some of the corporations as all being part of the same system.

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There is a difference between RT, Fox, CNN, Al Jazeera, MSNBC, BBC, Breitbart et al

All media is kiked. The reason why they censor places like (((Twitter))) and (((Facebook))) is because its the only source of real information. Its the people that post videos, photos and stories. On the spot, at any event. This is the only place the narrative is not immediately controlled. Its why Brenton Tarrantino could stream for 17 minutes. 17 Minutes of truth you have not seen on any of these kiked channels, while at the same time Erdogan uses it for his rallies, rallying the sandniggers to action. (You can say what you want about Brenton, but he predicted exactly what would happen. He was not a dumb man.)

All journos are responsible for radicalising public discord, steering public opinion, creating 'conversation', allowing 'minorities' to have a voice. Living in white lands should be a privilege, guess who is convincing your people it is a right that everyone should have. One is arguing trannies have rights, the other argues that trannies dont, while the shekels are drained from the peoples. My people are blinded by meaningless divide and conquer, stirred on and even created by a media that pretends to inform, but is literally indoctrinating the entire world. The headlines alone are pathetic. Instead of "X happened", which is often subject to interpretation and bias too, youll get "X happened, heres why its a good thing!" And because 'the news' refuses to report on things that are ordinary, you get extraordinary events. Which means a white man attacking a nigger, a man bites dog story, makes the headlines. While the dog bites man story; Nigger rapes and kills white woman, is neglected because its nothing out of the ordinary.

I believe this is by design, not by accident. Numerous collections of beakfaced neanderkikes did not convince me at first, but i looked myself researching half the names - i implore you to not take a collage like that for granted, throw a couple of names through a search engine and be amazed at what you find. An interconnected, international clique that puts people up against each other. And then suddenly Hitler makes sense.

[–] DontBeRacist [S] ago 

Alex Jones had to be exiled and banned, because his main point that the government is not just corrupt or incompetent but malevolent is actually an accurate one. His details are ridiculous. He thinks the (((globalists))) are continuation of the Nazis and supports Israel.

[–] PMmeforStalagEdition ago 

Alex 'its never the jews' Jonestein. I had my 9-11 phase with the faggot, but its because the misinformation surrounding 9-11, originating and magnified by him, that i began to see more faults. Hes banned because he backfired. Instead of becoming a lightning rod to attract attention and diffuse it, he became a busted battery. Storing the lightning energy and releasing it without aim.

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It would be hate to mention all the Jews that run American Media.

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[–] DontBeRacist [S] ago 

It' so obvious now. Constant bemoaning and nonsense about how bad the Orange Man is. If it wasn't such blatant corruption, it would be a damn shame.

[–] NosebergShekelman ago  (edited ago)

If only they would warn me of how many goys there are at the news links they provide

[–] Smokybubbles ago 

Truth is reserved for those in power. Honk honk.

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