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I'm just glad they don't eva mention israel-worshipers

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I think the proper word is "pedophiles"

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Gentiles need to stop disrespecting jews sexual orientations oy vey

[–] SirNiggsalot ago 

When will a new Crusade against the enemies of Christ begin ? I am so ready, I will put to the sword as many Saracens as the Lord delivers into my hand.

[–] Thereunto ago 

I believe the aversion comes from the Orthodox Judaic position that there will eventually be a Christ (Messiah), but that it wasn't Jesus of Nazareth. This is to say, they actually see themselves as the true Christians and would be reluctant to admit that title to any other group. The word aversion has nothing to do with Islamic precepts.

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There were multiple Messiahs during the Roman Revolt. Jesus was just one they cherry picked and turned into an awesome fictional story, brain washed billions and created a society based on obedience.

[–] lordvain2 ago  (edited ago)

To Pagans, Ostara is a celebration of Spring and the return or the rebirth of the God. To Christians it represents the Resurection. Many Pagans revere Christ. Pagans do not believe on a devil. Satanism is another thing all together. Pagans revere Mother Nature, the Great Goddess.

[–] RevDrStrangelove ago 

From where I sit it just appeared as an attempt to avoid using the word 'christian'. But, I'm not Christian so I don't have a dog in the fight over semantics.

[–] madhatter67 ago 

Don't forget they are also meteorite worshippers

[–] lordvain2 ago 

Murder worshippers.

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Where is the lie?

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