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So insignificant they're downvoting his post. Lol

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Saying jews control the banks isn't some amazing insight into life

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It is to a person who was never aware of it, until they are. Realizing that Germany was justified in hating international jewry is an important milestone in someone's journey. It's the moment that the curtains pull away and you see the midget on the microphone who's pushing all the buttons. Now think of how many people don't even get to that point. It's not an insignificant epiphany to have.

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Found the jew!

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Let's close the obly account that matters, the Fed account, oh wait. What you don't understand is that you might close your pittiful $20 accout, that doesn't matter. You still owe the fed, I think the individual debt burden is around $60,000. So let me see you close that account.

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I give customers 20% off if they pay cash. That money goes into my pocket and I don’t pay taxes on it.

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If we had mini wire extruder and scales we could measure and cut and melt back (with really minimal heat,, like a damn gluestick) gold silver platinum?

The 'wire' format is better than coin. Especailly for self-agency

Animal feed stores could issue feed coupons. A few tons of grain on paper at/for the local grain supply might be a good currency too.

Or if you are paying a business maybe theyd acccept a contract of productiin(with a good respective credit score) like/imean(pardon my shit language) future temp work.

Buying a home could be very different.

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If we had mini wire extruder and scales we could measure and cut and melt back (with really minimal heat,, like a damn gluestick) gold silver platinum?

It's very possibly done. The 3Doodler Pro has a copper "ink" ("glue stick" refill).

Copper melts at 1084° and gold melts at 1063°. I emailed them with this point asking why not sell gold and silver refills and they just sent back a generic "thanks for the suggestion" reply. If enough people do request it I'm sure they will do it. They would likely be charging a premium above spot price but who doesn't, hopefully it wouldn't be unreasonable.

On the other hand, if one were handy in such things, one could use an copper "ink" stick to make a mould, pour gold and sell off brand gold refills.

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I really question this, unfortunately, because it is a cool idea. 2 big problems:

1: oxidation. It's true that gold and platinum are quite inert, but melting them over and over will cause the metal to react with air over time and literally rust.

2: fumes. Every time you do this, you'll breathe in a trace amount fumes from the melting metal. That can't be good for your health over the long run

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This is true but you would have to say it loud and wide enough to earn yourself a reputation as far right.

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Like the hispanic leader of the Proud Boys? Haha. Don’t assume you have to be super far right to be targeted.

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Which only proves how ridiculous it is for alt-lite to counter signal us, they're being targeted now too, regardless how how much they avoided the JQ.

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I hope no one makes this the new "It's Ok to be White" sign