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We had fewer people, but the number of people was constantly growing.

Our economy is based on the number of people growing. If that won't happen, our economy will collapse

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Then let it collapse. Our great grandchildren will be much happier with a stable, secure, united community with a proud identity and culture, than to have some digits rising on a spreadsheet. It might be the best thing for us.

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Increasing the economy and increasing the amount of goods a country produces can be done without increasing the amount of labourers. It's done through advancements in technology.

As an example, to work the land and grow crops just a few generations ago would take 10x the amount of labourers and they'd produce 1/5 of the amount of food on the same amount of land compared to today's farmers.

A shoemaker could make 10 pairs of shoes a week a few generations ago. Now sweatshop workers on an assembly line can average that many per person per hour. Or it would take 10 guys all day to dig a hole that one guy with a backhoe can dig in minutes. - Yeah I'm just making shit up, but you get my point.

And if you go outside the US you'll see that all these immigrants aren't contributing to their economies because there are no jobs. They're a burden on their economies because they cost more to keep alive than what they produce. And it's not necessarily that they're lazy sacks of shit, but that the country, the land itself, can only produce a certain amount of jobs.

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It's about increasing the amount of consumers, not producers.

You can automate production and increase it like you said. But who will buy the increasing number of products?