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Wrong target.

Africa is already a prime example of how throwing any amount of money at any nigger, by any organization, in any way, shape or form never ever produce anything than very short term improvements, who all vanish as soon as the money stop flooding - since niggers don't understand the concept of maintaining infrastructure and tools, and don't bother following the practices they have been taught once there isn't a white behind their back.

White just got brainwashed into thinking that any short term improvement is worth all the money in the world, if it can save just one nigglet - and that's its somehow their responsibility to save everyone in the world.

Their belief is not that money can ever fix niggers. Their belief is that they have the moral obligation to do it no matter the results.

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You could have replaced "niggers" with any other group. Throwing money at problems only and only works if everything else is perfectly in place: culture, mindset, dedication etc. Throwing money at problems didn't even work for the western welfare states back when they were >98% white.

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calling their bloodlust death cults "problems" is racist!

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I've never thought of your second paragraph. That makes so much sense.

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But goyim, you can slowly fix the problem by race mixing, yes? Shalom, and not sorry about your foreskins.

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HEY!! You tryin' to terk my jerb?

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Haha no, I like to make my comments this way sometimes.


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I think I knew that guy.

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No, rabbi, bestiality is disgusting.

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$33b PER year given to Australian Aboriginals. 2019 most can't even speak English nor hold a job. 200+ years of improved society and development yet I think they are going backwards. He'll we have more Maori working than aboriginals

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Giving money to niggers to fix them is basically the new foundation of communism. $1000 per nigger. $10,000 per nigger. $100,000 per nigger. $1,000,000 per nigger. Still not working, but we've gotta keep trying.

MOD = Money Over DNA

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The problem is taxes are too low, once they go ahead and raise taxes again everything will improve.

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Nothing will change with niggers. They reached their evolutionary peak at learning to carry shit on their heads. Everything beyond that is just copying white people.

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I'm pretty sure they invented Velcro. How the else could they keep those big baskets of mud cookies on their heads?

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I think the most advanced nigger thing I've heard of was some three-pronged attack strategy, I think called the bull's head. The middle group was the bull's heads and on each side of that there were two groups as the horns. Then there's a reserve of people to refill any section that's losing numbers.

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or education

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Money pays for the education. Of course expecting niggers to provide themselves with any of this stuff can't be possible. We've got shit tons of resources such as the internet. Niggers could become super geniuses on their own if DNA weren't a reality.

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True. Education cannot fix stupid.

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Completely agree what’s the first step ?

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Kill all the whiny faggots who discuss in a committee what they need to be told to do while men of action are doing.

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I don't know. I guess just spreading the word wherever you can, but perhaps a 4-chan-style meme mission would work.

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If I recall correctly, a library card fixed one

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Marriage is the one thing that helped. That was killed by throwing money at them.

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