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  1. Deport
  2. Imprison
  3. Reeducate
  4. Execute

One way or another the problem can be solved.

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I support the D.I.R.E solution.

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OHH MY!!!!! I didn't even realize I just birthed that gem.

WOW! We need to spread this EVERYWHERE!

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"DIRE problems call for D.I.R.E. solutions"

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And thus the plan is born

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Change the I to "irradiate" and I'm on board.

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It's like the halal meat thing, in the UK for example when supermarket stocks halal meats this means that only jobs for Muslims can be created on the back of it, as non Muslims are not permitted to prep 'halal' meat. Halal meats are often not clearly labeled so non muslims purchase and further drive the demand for a Muslim only sector. Once a supermarket creates a no harem lane, only Muslims can really be asked to operate that till for it to be truly not harem.

Creeping sharia is an underused term.

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I make sure to take my bacon to them, sign or not. I don't say anything, just look at them.

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exactly block the lane up until they sell you the product, it is your constitution right not to live under rule of islamo jihadist sharia law rules...buy everything haram bacon, dog food, sexy magazines, alochol buy it all and block the lane. Also from what I observed of islamics its the slow lane, no matter how they try to do things they send everything back wards.

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This is so dumb, WHY DON'T WE START OUR OWN RELIGION? Our religion says you can't eat anything Halal or Kosher. Get our own cashiers and fast lanes. Then we start another religion where we have some other ridiculous rule, then another. Fight fire with fire, use Jew tactics.

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Sikhism explicitly forbids kosher and halal meat.


And one semitic practice clearly rejected in the Sikh code of conduct is eating flesh of an animal cooked in ritualistic manner; this would mean kosher and halal meat. The reason again does not lie in religious tenet but in the view that killing an animal with a prayer is not going to enoble the flesh. No ritual, whoever conducts it, is going to do any good either to the animal or to the diner. Let man do what he must to assuage his hunger. If what he gets, he puts to good use and shares with the needy, then it is well used and well spent, otherwise not.

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No circumcision in our new religion.

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You meant "Haram". "harem" is a collection of concubines.

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I've met a lot of Muslim cashiers in the US. They've never given me shit about ringing up my pork or booze.

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Social systems work even better with no Muslims at all.

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There are no mudslimes in my town. I still think its a good idea to put bacon in every meat section just in case.

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