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This is exactly how racism is going to make a comeback. No one really gave a fuck about it twenty years ago. Calling every little thing racist is bringing about a generation of racists

Good job, sjws

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That's racist

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The IHRA have just upped the definition of "muh anthi sehmitism" to include the political ideology Zionism. The resistence to this is why the UK's Labour party has been called "hanitsuhmetic"

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I didn't even know there was such a thing as the IHRA. Pretty disgusting that with all the genocides that happened after WWII they are ignored for the bullshit of the holocaust.

Get a new gimmick, jews

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Or it will simply lessen the value of the word (http://fairytalesoftheworld.com/quick-reads/the-boy-who-cried-wolf/), to the point nobody cringes anymore, or even gives a fuck.

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I wasn't a Nazi until they made me one.

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And then it turned out to be really fun!

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Did you get your free uniform in the mail yet? The boots are super comfy, and look amazing.
Makes you just want to walk around kicking your legs up with each step to show them off.

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This twelve minute video titled "The Chemnitz Response is why the Actual Far Left and Right Will Keep Growing in Germany" is the leisurely bath version of your shower thought.

He goes a bit further, speculating on how winding up the moderate right, by calling them extremists, also winds up the far left, by scaring them with tall tales of far right everywhere.

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Awesome! That dude can finally afford a shirt. I'm so happy for him. Now we can all just pitch in and get him some buttons for his shirt.

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Lol, I knew exactly who you were talking about without even clicking the video

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Yup. I'm not an extremist by any stretch, but these days when I hear someone accusing another group of people of being bigots or nazis I automatically think less of the accuser's intellect and withold judgment of the accused until I can look into them for myself... I didn't do that before, I used to file it away as secondhand "facts" but I'm WAY more cautious now.

The media blatantly lying about what Trump was saying in his speeches had a similar effect. I mean, after Bernie Sanders betrayed us in the primary, I voted for Jill Stein lol, I was never in a million years going to give that fool Donald Trump any of my attention (though I was deliriously happy when he beat Hillary), but when the Democrats and all the major news outlets started with their hysterics I just had to see for myself if it was even half as bad as they said.... Long story short; unless the greens or libertarians run someone amazing in 2020, I'm going to vote for Trump myself, just out of spite and exhaustion. I still think he's an ass, but he isn't 1/10th as disgusting as the Dems have been behaving. I guess that makes me a Nazi now too.

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Forcing moderates into extremists is a good way to get a civil war.

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I'd much rather see a kike and trator blood bath.

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I have the same politics I did 20 years ago. 20 years ago I was 'level headed middle of the road voter', now I am 'alt-right'. Smh...ok. Well congrats all you managed to do was turn this swing voter into a GOP(er). Hell in 2012 I voted for Gary Johnson guys....that's how much I swung.

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I remember some leftist halfchild saying that a Dutch politician is making fascism "salonfähig", and all I could think was "no bitch, you are making 'calling people making fascism salonfähig' salonfähig".

It's basically a huge 'bitch who cried wolf'-scenario

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The number one way is to deny their children a future.

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