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That's kinda whats going on. The commies, Marxists, Radical Muzzies... They all know they can't defeat America in a confrontation. We won two World Wars, and we're more than set to win another. But they found the one weakness in our democracy, the one thing that can law us low: Ourselves. Just like what happened to ancient Greece and Rome, our worst enemy is ourselves.

Thankfully, we know that. And the very vectors that they use to spread influence can also be used to fight that influence.

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That's why we were founded as a republic and should be returned to the founding principles. Democracy is bullshit, soft Communism. The Constitution works to protect the greatest minority, the individual.

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Best way to get American voters? Pretend bribed foreigners are Americans...

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Don't blame democracy. People have willingly put these people in power. They didn't care enough to fight for democracy over the decades so you lost it.

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We in the U.S. dont have a Democracy. We have a Republic.

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The solution is here, we made a new constitution, (see sidebar): /v/EmergencyNation