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We have to raise people's consciousness that so much jewish humor is just hate speech aimed at gentiles and the society we create for ourselves.

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It's pretty hilarious in Borat when they say the cockroaches are shapeshifter jews.

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I actually did enjoy that movie. His Ali G bit is fun if you're blitzed out of your mind and dont mind laughing at yourself, but other than that this guy is a cunt.

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Literally the first time I'd heard that lore. Only got more reinforced as time went on.
Jews and their Golems. An idea used to mock "ignorance", becomes a valuable tool in understanding how they operate.

And that's totally aside from him literally pretending to be other ethnicities.

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you mean like rosanne and john goodman pretending to be lower class whites who find themselves living middle class American lifestyle and portraying them as lazy, ignorant, uncouth and ungrateful?

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Now you're getting it! If the left wants to stamp out hate speech and micro aggressions, why can we turn the tables on them?

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Dont you go hating on John Goodman now

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something weird about this guy ...not saying i know anything but he rubs a lot of conspiracy pizzagate kinda bloggers the wrong way. Not saying he did anything criminal or Weinstien like but with Hollywood, some much creepy shit with BBC and Hollyweird would you really be surprised. ...can't really think of anything he did since Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen he would bash the Bush types and Sarah Palin like most Hollywood Lefties do and in a ways they are correct, the Neo-Cons were fucking terrible, Bush is what helped Hillary Obama types get elected.

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watch his interviews on talk shows. this gives you a better insight. 100% cultural arts mossad agent. become popular and famous enough to gain a following. a pied piper.

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Neocons were created by Trotsky-ites. They are entirely controlled opposition.

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I loathe this fucking piece of shit.

And honestly anyone who uses their middle name professionally...

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This just occurred to me but Sacha is an actual Spy.

  1. Every movie he's made is aimed at mocking white American Nationalism in its various forms: civic nationalism to racial nationalism.

  2. His purpose is to make it look cool to laugh at patriotic things.

  3. He is a dual Israeli citizen.

  4. An actor is the perfect cover.

  5. He picks the lowest common denominator of the right while picking the highest quality intellectuals on the left when he does his "interviews."

  6. The people who he choses to represent "the right" are always low iq/elderly/naive people. A spy would know how to target individuals based on their intelligence.

  7. He never shares what his opinion on gun ownership in Israel is, nor what he thinks about Zionism. If anybody ever tried to pin him down on a stance he would probably employ tactical nihilism and mockery.

  8. Actors have been used as spies in the past. It's not that uncommon and one of the best ways to hide in plain sight. Imagine a high IQ individual who has been brainwashed by an ideology and is relentlessly motivated to see its ends achieved. Sacha probably thinks he's preventing another Shoa. https://thoughtcatalog.com/marie-mobery/2014/08/6-celebrities-who-were-also-spies/

  9. He is going to play an actual spy in an upcoming Netflix show.

  10. In his latest TV show he's targeting gun rights. Every movie or tv show he does is aimed at one objective in particular. Bruno: make gays look cool (that one failed), Borat: make anti-semites look stupid (that succeeded), Ali G: mocks religion and patriotism (success), The Dictator: Mocked nationalism (fail). There is not a single project he's done that doesn't include tons of anti-American, or anti-Christian propaganda.

  11. He worked in theatrical productions that were pro-Zionism during his youth. http://archive.is/ZibiS

  12. He claims to be "very proud" of his Jewish identity. He claims he isn't religious even though he keeps kosher and attends Synagogue at least twice a year. So what does "very proud" mean? It means he's a nationalist Jew, AKA Zionist. https://web.archive.org/web/20070619135236/http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/article1294842.ece

This all occurred to me when I was listening to Jim and Sam this morning trying to catch their reaction to the Jerky Boys stuff. I kept listening after they covered it and when they started talking about Sacha, Sam said "I mean, regardless of what side your on, you got to admit THAT'S FUNNY." This moronic statement made me think that's how everyone will see Sacha's upcoming TV show. Everyone who is neutral will gobble it up and not realize that they have been influenced to believe that pro-gun people are nuts, while everyone on the left will call you crazy and shame you if you think the TV show has an agenda with the line "YOU GOT TO ADMIT THAT'S FUNNY!"

By admitting that it was funny you concede to the point that pro-gun people are so crazy that even you have to admit they are laughable.

It's subversively anti-white since gun culture is part of white culture. Imagine if someone did a documentary mocking black culture by interviewing rappers and making fun of the way they speak by getting them caught in word games and using clever editing. You'd never have to actually be racist, you'd just have to show everyone the lowest common denominator of rapper and during the interview make it obvious that the man can't put together sentences or thoughts coherently.

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I know, I know but I can't help but like his song In my country there is a problem. I love that.

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Throw the jew down the well!

So my country can be free!

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I just love that song.

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I agree with most of you, but throw the jew down the well is a fucking funny song! "In my country there is problem.. and that problem is transport" , That's usually My shower thought. OH FUCK! am I one of those shitlords that likes stuff ironically?? :)

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Only Jews would think it was a good idea to pollute someone's well

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LOL!, but when one cockroach shows up you've probably got an infestation on your hands and the well is lost if that's the case so it would be cheaper to fill the well with the invaders in it and move anyway, because after their blood magick has worn off, and they have returned to their alter form, it wont be long till the the well "stops" working , and you are introduced to the wisdom of a "sheckle based metering system (sheckles sold separately)" and you end up in debt to the "superior" intellect of the creature who saved you from "over hydration" in this time of "famine".

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Said this in another reply, but I thought his early Ali G stuff was good and Borat had some good moments.

Just ironic to me how much Jews will go on about "muh stereotypes" while fashioning an entire industry around said stereotypes.

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Your'e preaching to the choir, and whilst I hate to be a jew about it, but didn't they build a whole country around stereotypes with "everyone hates jews" XD But yeah, I used to love his early Ali G stuff, especially when he was talking to thick as pigshit politicians who were trying to get some airtime.

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They covered this on TDS.

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They probably thought it was funny that he was getting away with it.
Jon Stewart is the most obvious example of a guy who looked like a regular guy back in the day.
Yeah he was Jewish. But he looked "normal" (particularly compared to his buddy Adam Sandler).
But looking back now, he's the rattiest little jew fuck. And now he's basically Anthony Weiner level ratty.

Their "shapeshifting" is a kind of normalization effect. And once it breaks, it's like a spell has been lifted.

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did you watch the dictator. he's calling out the absurdity of america. especially the last speech he gives. it's pretty full of truth. sacha is well educated and I like his brand of humor. ill take him over anderson cooper as far as govt plants go.

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I fell asleep during The Dictator and haven't made a second effort to watch. Maybe I'll try again.

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it took me a couple viewings before I appreciated it. he even calls out the celebrities that get paid to fly out and fuck middle eastern rich dudes.

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It's weird what evil people think is funny isn't it? It seems to be ALWAYS at some victims' expense. Pretty sure Sasha Cohen is a Kenite (child of Satan). They are Jews you are NOT supposed to respect/support. DO support the GOOD ones though. They ARE out there, but perhaps 50% are children of Cain (Satan)...Kenites (John 8:44), also see that in Genesis C 4 (end) and 5 (start) Adam in NOT in Cain's geneology and Cain is not in Adam's.

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