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I just got into (another) FB argument where I called a guy out for only being upset about this now. He literally said,

"I'm disappointed that the news is only just now bringing this to our attention"

Arrrgghhhh......if you only rely on the news to tell you when to get upset over something you are going to have a bad time.

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This needs to be realized. We the people have to DESTROY the MSM. NOW! Is this our country or not?

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Its retarded if I broke the law I'd be separated from my family. Why are people shocked by this. We didn't take them 1000s of miles from home to break into a country you know that doesn't want you.

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I'm pissed because I can't find anything else in the news. Every avenue I use is saturated with this bullshit. Voat included.

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Build the wall!

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Migrants are fine. THese illegal border hopping welfare tourists are a huge fucking problem, though.

"Migrants" aren't seperated from their children, because why the fuck would they be? Migrants follow the established legal procedures, and are a net positive.

These cunts aren't migrants, they're invaders.

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I can get behind this one.

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Migrants are not a net positive if they're brown

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same here, they can show all the sad crying kids they want. if the fuckers didnt come here illegally there would be no problems for them.

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How is this our problem? They're breaking immigration laws. What did they expect would happen? They have no right to be in this country without due process . . .

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If I get caught shoplifting booze while on probation, my kid will cry when I get 90 days. What’s the du king difference?

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don't you watch the news. your supposed to be very upset about this

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I am upset that they did not gas those spics

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Mein nigger

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I give zero fucks about other peoples kids.

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I care for kids just not illegals

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I don't care for either. Burn em all.

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Agreed man. I had one of those fuckers damn near kill me, I have wrote about it before, so I won't do it again. I think you have even responded to it in the past.

I've long said it way past time to shut the borders completely for a year. Then kick them all out, reform the laws and then possibly reopen, but maybe not even then. We don't need more people here and the schools are over full currently.

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People crying about the illegals, how about American Parents in Prison. 1,706,600 minor children, accounting for 2.3% of the U.S. resident population under age 18. . people cherry pick the bits of reality that fit with their narrative.

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It happened to me and i was for real 100% innocent and I am full blood white

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It’s cherry picked to make it sound like an illegal alien problem but ignore the fact it’s an entire foster care system failure. Everyone here will tell you the foster care is fucked up but nobody cries about American children. No one cries when children in the system gets adopted by some fucking child molestor. But nooooo lets talk about the illegals children getting torn apart because of trump reeeee.

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Thank you, all we see and hear is poor illegal immigrants. No one thinks of the consequences of illegal immigrants coming to live here. As my dad once said clean your house before you clean your neighbors.

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Illegal aliens.

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