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Everyone projects, it's the default method of trying to understand how others think. It's why Antifa thinks everyone is out to get them and just wants to attack them (fascists), why feminists think men are conspiring against them, etc.

We really need to be teaching these things to kids, judge people by what they do, not what they say. But too many people don't want to teach kids that because then what would the kids think of them? would they respect a majority of adults?...

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I've taught my kids this. One applies it daily in high school and has gotten several detentions as a result. The biggest SJW teacher he has attempted to get him in more trouble a month or two ago by calling me, the call ended with her being on the brink of tears.

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Stop confusing communists with the people who remove communists, retard.

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This is so true, when I was young and stupid I believed everyone was capable of humanity. It wasn't until I spent two years living among them in NYC that I came to understand what it means to have a total lack of empathy. Black humans are incapable of an understanding of right and wrong or of actually experiencing empathy.

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I assume everyone is a cunt until I get to know them. It's just that some people understand that you are cautious and some people think you're racist.

Actually that might not be true, I assume how you present yourself is how you are as a person before you even open your mouth.

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Eh, it's much more fun to give them rope to hang themselves with. Be civil to all, and let them be the first to be a cunt. They burn through their initial good will, that's on them. After that, they have to earn it.

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When white people assume all people are the same, they assume all people are like white people.

When you consider Sweden as a case study and consider how they bend over backwards and bend over to take it up the ass for these shitskin shithole makers, this kind of behavior would actually produce the proper results with other white people. If other Europeans fled their countries and went to Sweden, they would work hard not to be welfare parasites. They would also be grateful for the kindness shown to them by the Swedish people. Non-whites are more like, "Thanks chump." Also, "Why work when I can live off of welfare?"

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I judge a people by their culture. How your culture is, and what is most popular within your culture, reflects your value systems. I assume black people have low standards and even worse sets of morals based on their cultures (at least most American ones).

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they dont even project, jews just trained them what buttons to push. Most of them know well its a sham, some try to justify it in their head rest don't even think this far

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Yes. Agreed. The problem is all the truth gets banned in main stream because it hurts feelings. So the lies are allowed to influence our societal directions.

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Common denominator is the brainwashing satanic media. Stop watching the electric jew.

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