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So what would you say the demographic is here on voat? I left reddit because of gundeals and the fact they've become a leftist bot and shill farm. I never bought anything on that sub but the fact they're targeting the subs users is purely fucked. I'm not even conservative and the shit on Reddit is non fucking stop liberal brigades. Fuck em and their ad revenue in the neck. They can suck me to sleep.


[–] Slayfire122 1 points 31 points (+32|-1) ago 

Voat users vary between central to far right, with a few freedom loving leftists. You'll find authoritarian and libertarian here and everything in between. Most users would like a strong, but limited government.

Most people here support Trump for various reasons. Some like what he's doing and some enjoy watching him shit on the establishment. Yet others are suspicious of his Jewish connections.

I don't think there's anyone here that is pro Hillary/Obama. Though there are (or at least were) some that are pro Bernie.

Disregarding shills, I don't think anyone on Voat is anti-gun. You will find some various opinions about the 2A, but they will all be pro-gun with a few neutral opinions.

Nearly all Voaters hate scum and degenerates, but the definition varies slightly. Some hate pretty much all blacks, some will make a distinction between niggers and civilized blacks. Same goes for other races.

As far as degenerates go, most of us hate the downfall of traditional lives and activities. This doesn't mean we hate that things change, just what it changed into.

Some Voaters question hope accurate the Holocaust numbers while others say Hitler never meant to commit genocide. Yet others believe the 6 million could be true, but they don't care enough to research it.

Pretty much everyone here knows the Jews own the vast majority of the media and make up 90% of the top 1%. However options vary from "they just help each other out and use dirty tactics" to "they're actively trying to control as much world power as they can."

We all hate censorship and acknowledge active censorship in all major corporations and media outlets. Some blame Jews, some blame globalism (which may or may not include Jews), some blame the shitty politics on the ruling class.

The vast majority of us are going to be men. There are some notable women on Voat, as well as those that keep it secrete. Just my guess though, there's probably few underage Voaters here.


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Well done synopsis. Maybe we should sticky this somewhere for the new migration.

I think you glossed over it, but there are jackholes like Maxcactus and whatshisname douchebag that have co-opted a couple of subs. We allow that, which is significant, IMO.


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and we hate Islam.


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Actually a pretty damn good analysis.

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Mostly right, if not far-right. But that said, dissenting ideas aren't banned or censored, feel free to have an open discussion. You may miss the shit posts and the low-tier content, but there's a free exchange of ideas here.


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God, I'm gonna love this place. Reddit has become a cesspool, and 4chins...well, 4chins was never good but I can't spend ALL my time on /k/...


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I've only been here for about a year, but so far I've taken notice of the following groups:

Traditionalists posting crafts and cooking.

Libertarians offering free helicopter rides for commies.

Anti-Semites with a great sense of humor.

National Socialists with way too many sources.

Racists with tourettes.

Old redditors who hate new redditors.

Perverts with negative CCP.

Shills who are hunted for sports.

Faggots being faggots unironically ironically.

Shitlords making fun of all sorts of degenerates.

Christians gearing up to retake Constantinople.

My favorite part about voat is that it's not centered around certain subs or users, it's much more fluid. When T_D came over they started pushing their own subs hard, but then they began testing the waters outside their echochamber and I've run into trumpeters all over the place. And the local power users are actually fun people to talk to, not maniacal "Do you even know who I am?!" tyrants.


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Gotcha. Had to rid my front page of the Tu-rD post as those fuckers were as bad as the leftist shit brains. My reddit experience dwindled down to basically work, gun, and programming subs. Didn't see much anything else. Looking forward to exploring here.


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That a really great summary of Voat. And yes, Voat is almost as fluid as a Tumblrina's gender. Also, I can't think of any asshole power users here.


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Best analysis of voat yet.


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I'm not even conservative

Welcome, you are now a part of the far left on Voat. You'll see plenty of opinions here that you won't see elsewhere. Gassing jews, sending 'niggers' back to Africa, etc. The thing is, Voat is all about free speech. People can say whatever they want here, and that includes you. Voat is so strongly for free speech that it doesn't even like heavy moderation in the subs. If you can tolerate racist language and opinions that you don't share, you'll do fine here.


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I'm all for it. To each his own. I refer to niggers a lot but it's 99.999% some white guy being a retarded piece of shit.