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Never heard that one, usually it is them escaping Cartels, and I am from Texas. I hear all kinds of excuses for them, but that is a new one. Made me laugh because they aren't socialized in any way. Source: Brother-in-law is Mexican and his family owns a couple of resorts. They make good money and don't have to give it away to the state.

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Escaping Cartels composed of Mexicans.

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Yep and peeps from south america.

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Your brother in law makes good money and doesnt give any to the government? That dude is definitely in a cartel

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Mexicans need to stop infiltrating the border illegally. These infiltrators and any children they have need to be deported.

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Exactly. It's what Mexico would do if someone south of THEIR border showed up in their country.

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No kidding. This is not in the spirit of "natural born citizen".... anyone who disagrees is just an uninformed idiot

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viva la mexico doe

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Since Billy Clinton's NAFTA, they have lots of jobs, they don't pay much, but living doesn't cost much. Only the cowards and criminals cross the border.

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NAFTA was pretty much done before Clinton became president. He only gets credit/blame because he signed it. Reagan and Bush adminstrations were the ones that worked on it the most.

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Which is why the parties are two sides of the same coin.

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If mexicans are trying to get away from mexicans.... why are rhey going to the US?

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because a lot of the overarching governments are not run by Mexicans.