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Its not just genitalia. Its chromosomes. You can spoof genitalia, you can't spoof chromosomes (yet, I guess).


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extremely rare birth defects constitute a whole new classification of biological sex

no, kill yourself


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those extremely rare birth defects are more common than terrorists who blow themselves up in crowds, use trucks to ram into crowds of shoppers and the like. if this is such a small problem, then why do people worry about them, and why make policy over them?


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No, you most certainly cannot spoof genitalia. You can have immoral doctors carve you up and give you a lose, non functioning, disgusting to behold semblance of the opposite genitalia.

The word spoof implies the imposter can trick others into believe it's correct.

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Intersex births occur at a rate of 1 in 1500 to 1 in 2000 per live birth. That's roughly the odds of you ever consensually losing your virginity.


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And chromosomes affect a multitude of things; hormonal differences, development of completely different organs, and objectively different decision-making processes.