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I used to help out as security at a roller rink as a new owner was trying to clean up the crowd. white kid and black kid get in a fight we call the parents to come get them but stagger it so one then the other and they are not in the parking lot at the same time. white kid left first (he was the first to give us a phone number so we called it first). Black kid's mom starts yelling that we are racist for kicking her kid out we say we also kicked out the other kid. She keeps going, we offered to take her to the back and show her the security footage of the fight with her kid starting it and we would even have the cops come and review it with her so she could get an unbiased opinion. She proceeded to call us racist on her way out, I wish the owner would have then called the white kids mom again and asked if she wanted a copy of the tape to press charges.


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Now the little nig who obviously started the fight gets to be the victim and gets hatred of whites instilled in him. This is how you raise an unfunctional violent felon.


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Ever notice that crying racism can be the simplest, easiest explanation that requires zero intellectual investigation and critical thought? Funny how that works.