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Meta shower thought: this shower thought is so timely and spot-on, that the quick upvoats have the appearance of manipulation. But these upvoats are legit IMO.

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True but it isn't getting the same deluge of downvoats either which is a common indicator of shillpostin'

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what say you two about these here downvoats?


edit: it was 5 down in the first minute lol.

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*tips glass of rum*
*spills some*


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We're sitting on the summit, boys. Better enjoy it while it lasts. 🍻

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You better not be tired of winning already!

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They just kid themselves that everyone else is a sock, so it's okay. But it's standard SJW projection.

They can't win even with a stacked deck.

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2016 election - case and point. They stacked the deck and lost big, so they accuse the Russians of stacking it even harder.

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Yessir - correct, sir! Witness the lowest forms of humanity, gathered together under the Demoncratic Plantation to fight against rule of law, decency, reason, and success. Their tactics are despicable, hypocritical almost exclusively, and cynical, making them extreme far left as a mainstay. May their party die a horrifying, slow, agonizing death.

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The Left has always been a tool of foreign interests to destabilize a country. There has never been a successful Leftist society ever, yet they still crusade on completely ignorant or indifferent to the fact that they're a cancer on a society.

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Left as in Communist/Marxist, or left as in just left-of-center? Because if just left-of-center, then I can say the good old liberal democracy that founded the United States of fucking-rape-your-face-with-an-Eagle America.

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I'm just here to get drunk and funpost. The fact that I get to practice my verbal lashing skills is a bonus. Getting two birds stoned.

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Amen. I've paid for a lot of pointless, useless, time wasting, ego pomping bullshit in my life, but at least I've never paid for votes!

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...True in most cases. I'd imagine at least one of them will do that now.

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Possibility the same person. They would then use the chaos to enact censorship.

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which is exactly what is happening on Reddit with /r/The_Donald and on here with /v/pizzagate. It must be nice to control your enemies sources as well as their opposition. See most righties don't think deep dishonest thoughts like that. We aren't fucking faggots.

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Trust me, the best job any right winger did at that was Amalek and he got chased off and is now made fun of here in jest although what he was fighting for was legitimate and it was sad to see how tilted the scales are. Which is why we need and are doing an internet redux. The left has complete dominance over internet structure and petty shit like that and also hiding evidence of crimes because they are l99t crypto-kikes. The only time right-wingers brigade is when it's organic.

I've seen the left use their bots to push stupid shit to the top of right wing sites tho. Impersonation is another thing true right wingers don't do. You would be surprised how many people are not what they claim on the internet and I even mean just the casual "fireman here" or "NASA scientist here"

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Nailed it broskie.

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Fuck those betaniggerfaggots.

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