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Key word here is appear. You may appear to be more successful, but you might not be. I guess it depends on your measure of success though. If it's people's weight, then I guess you would be more successful—at least in your mind. Success, in this case, is subjective, I think. In my mind, someone is successful if they are happy with their life, and are doing/have done the things they want to do.


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I like your definition of success.


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Thanks. I like to keep shit simple, if I can.

The sad part is that, by my definition of success, most people will never be successful, myself included. Most people will spend most of their time lining someone else's pockets, and trying to figure out how they can manage to pursue their own interests, but never really getting the chance to do so. At least here in North America anyway.


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Success is measured in the first person.