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Sometimes when I see old classmates, it's shocking. I know I put on a few pounds, but JESUS some of these people have utterly blown up. The first girl I slept with has tits down to her knees and looks horrible now, when she was pretty f'ing hot back then. (A camgirl named ZoeyJames actually strongly resembles her, which is kind of rad)

The girl I was gaga over all throughout my senior year still looks great, even after a couple kids, so that was nice when I got to see her. Would still bang. It's crazy how many of these people just stuck together, married classmates, and stayed in the same towns. I GTFO and said fuck that town I am DONE.

Never drinking or doing drugs did me alright. I've been losing my hair since forever, but other than that, and a few stray gray hairs I'm doing alright.