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And that is something very deep if you think about it. I don't mean it in a wow poetry much deep way but consider this, coming from an ex-reddittor gone voater: back on reddit there were so many users and content being posted that you could find almost literally anything. Want to see people fight on the street? r/amateurfights. Cats being surprised? r/startledcats . People getting killed? NSFW r/watchpeopledie

So what does all this have to do with poetry? Here on Voat, since the major influx of redditors after The Fattening we have enough people to get the site going, but really not even 1% of reddit's large userbase. This means that small niche subs like r/startledcats are practically impossible to maintain/exist. This forces Voaters to start back from scratch and ask ourselves - what is it we want? What is entertainment? What is it that will bring us together as a community?

Now poetry comes in. It's so fast to read, yet very deep. A poem like this one, 12 verses long can take you on a literary journey, evoke different feelings, make you think, remember, imagine... In a way that most 12-minute videos out there can't or don't. It's amazing that when we go back to our roots we bring back this sort of thing - an art form that has been spread around the globe for thousands of years. Many would think poetry is dead in the age of Netflix and BitTorrent but your comment shows that it's not true. You don't need millions of dollars or a huge team to create a poem. You don't need a subscription account to read one.

So yeah, to me that's amazing and even if Voat grows to be one the biggest sites on the Web I'll try my best to remember the niche subs with fantastic quality that we have today like v/shortpoems and v/specart and others that might still come up - because when you have 36 million users in a single website it's easy to get lost and forget what's really important.

I know this is a very long rant for a very small comment but if you give yourself some time to think about it you'll see that it says something about being human in this day and age. The kind of thing that is easy to forget when you live in a planet with other 10 billion people..


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Thanks man, I'd never really thought about it that way. I just wanted to read poetry one day and decided to start a poetry sub.


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That's what is magical about a site like this: once you create or post something it's on the hands of the community to do whatever it wants with it. All it takes is an idea and a few clicks, and even if you are not a huge fan of poetry - there, you got ourselves a great sub going!