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My daughter is turning 10 years old in another couple of weeks. This is the third of three dresses that I've made this summer for her birthday present. I made View A sleeveless dress and View D jacket. Here is the pattern link. I used cotton fabrics.

Her measurements are: 26" chest, 24" waist, 27" hip. I usually sew size 10 patterns for her. This time I made size 8. The sizing was not very straightforward or accurate on this pattern. I wish I had gone with my gut, double-checked what was listed, and made the size 10. As it is, this dress will fit her this summer very nicely.

The sizing dilemma: The pattern envelope lists size 8 at 27" chest, 23.5" waist, and 28" hip. Size 10 is 28.5" chest, 24.5" waist, 30" hip. Seems like my kid measures for a size 8 here. The bodice pattern piece lists size 8 at a 28.5" bust. It gives size 10 at a 30" bust. She measures for a size 8 here too; the size 10 would give an ease of 4" in the bust area, which is way too much room. When everything was put together though, the bust actually has about 1/2" of ease. Which makes it about 26.5" (and not 27" or 28.5"). A little disappointing that the dress won't get longer wear out of it before she grows out of it, but it ends up being ok. My daughter is absolutely thrilled with this dress!

This dress is fully lined, and the instructions are given to make a little attached petticoat-type ruffle on the lining of the skirt. Here is a photo of the outside of the skirt and the inside petticoat-lining before I sewed them together at the top. The ruffle is attached to a skirt lining (unseen under the ruffle there in the photo) that goes to the same length as the ruffle. These two pieces are put together in the orientation that they are laying. I wasn't sure if my daughter would appreciate the "fluffiness", but she does really like it!

Changes that I made: I cut out size 14 length of the skirt and petticoat-lining (maintaining size 8 for the width) to make it below-knee in length, the way my daughter requested it. I really do like the way it looks with the longer skirt. I didn't add any lace or appliques (the jacket fabric is an embroidered cotton). I used a blind hem stitch on the skirt.

I recommend this pattern with the warning to ignore the listed size measurements and go with the size that you usually make.


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Fabulous, as usual. I forgot I made a "Personal Creation" flair. Gonna tag your posts with that flair now. :)


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