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Lovely. Looks even better on you than in the picture on the package. Nice job.


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The smallest size in this pattern was a size 10, and I knew there would be plenty of ease anyway, so that is what I made. I usually make size 8 or 10, depending on the ease. I measure 34" bust, 27" waist, 34" hips, for reference. The dress is very roomy, comfortable, and casual.

I made view B, using a white embroidered cotton for the "contrast bands and straps", aqua/white seersucker for the main fabric, and white cotton for the lining. Close up of the fabric since it is hard to see on the posted photo. The dress shows too much neck/shoulder/back for my personal tastes to wear alone, so I plan to always wear a little sweater with it. Sorry that I couldn't post a photo with the straps showing, but it isn't too hard to imagine basic dress straps. Here is a photo from the pattern envelope.

Changes that I made: I lined the main part of the dress, cutting out the same pattern from the lining fabric and sewing the front and back lining pieces together at the sides. I then basted the top of the lining to the main fabric, and I basted the bottom of the lining to the main fabric, wrong sides together. Then, I attached the top band and bottom band to it like that. I feel like that extra lining does help make the seersucker fabric not so see-through.

This is a very easy pattern! A beginner could sew it with no problems. Very nice for casual weekends in summer weather. I'm wearing it to a peach orchard outing and lunch with my family today.

Hope you've enjoyed this review! Have a great weekend, fellow stitchers!


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I loved reading the detailed changes you made. Thank you!


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It looks great on you.


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