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Please comment if there is a better anonymous site for uploading files. NOTHING about this document is classified. I work in a secure facility; we handle information up to and including Top Secret at this facility. I received this file from the Facility Security Officer. It was suggested that we share this file among coworkers and family for it's security advice. This is ostensibly a newsletter from NCIS. Things to note about this .pdf:

  • The disclaimer at the top of page 1 says "Viewpoints, company names, or products within this document are not necessarily the opinion of, or an endorsement by, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service."

  • The Subtitle of the first article mentions "..malware linked to the same Russian hacking group that hit the Democratic National Committee in 2016" in such a way as to cause the reader to assume it is a foregone conclusion that it was in-fact Russian hacking that resulted in the release of DNC emails. (What does "hit" mean? Is this an intentionally nebulous term?)

  • There is nothing in the article that requires a relationship to "Russian Hacking Group" to sustain it's premise.

  • It has not been established that the DNC leaks were a result of Russian Hacking. Guccifer 2.0 does not even exist. Rather, I would point to huge security holes such as Imram Awan and his connection to DNC employess and staff such as Seth Rich as much more plausible sources of leaks.

  • The article was not written by NCIS. Rather it was written by The Daily Beast.

  • The Daily Beast is owned by IAC.

  • Chelsea Clinton was and may still be a board member at IAC.

  • The "heroes" in this story (Cisco) apparently had so much time on their hand that they spent much of it investigating flaws in their competitors' equipment. (What a happy coincidence they found nothing wrong with their own equipment.)

  • There is no doubt that Russians are attempting to hack into United States servers just as there is no doubt that Americans are hacking into theirs. (This is not information I have come into as a result of my job. This is common sense.) Even if we were to accept that the DNC emails were hacked by those naughty Russian operatives, we also have to acknowledge the patently negligent attitude and behavior and the sheer incompetence of one of the DNC's most prominent figures; Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  • I don't think I have to say anything by way of characterizing the promises made by the American government that they will not abuse the data handed to them by the poor users of the insecure routers.