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I'd add that the Podesta Gmail hack was hinted at well before July 10th. They knew about it the month it happened, or April at the latest.

Yet Wikileaks waited till October (surprise) to release.

Pissing off Hillary is one thing, but the chief Assassins for the DNC is always fatal.

To add to the drama, Wikileaks got the Seth Rich back-up from June, rushed out less than 3 weeks after the "example" was taken care of on July the 10th. It was rushed for a reason. It mostly was why the Podesta dump was delayed so long.

August was hinted at BEFORE the Seth Rich hit.

On July 5th Slick Willy squeezed Loretta Lynch in the money maker to OK the hit and make it public to lock up leaks.

Seth Rich shut them all up real quick.


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I only ask something 'different' because my FIRST post on Pizzagate that I explained to be connected got me BANNED...NOT JUST A DELETED POST. So...I ask and act stupid, so I don't get banned here too. I know why Seth died and I just wanted to create a post that he has not been forgotten. To look at this subverse lately was just sad. I put it out into the consciousness we have not forgotten.