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Imran Awan coming out of COURT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVDejRkkwmo

and commentary...

Is Awan Threatening his own Judge? Just how powerful is this IT worker?


00:50 So this is Jamal Awan the famous and now infamous IT staffer for Debbie Wasseran-Schultz and so many Democrats you know and and first of all link in the description look at the video. The video is revealing as fuck: just about who one is I guarantee 100% he's a horrible person - guilty as fuck. He needs to be hung: I'm not in favor in a kappa push, but he he needs everything: he needs to be locked away forever.

I see within his eyes no chance of rehabilitation at this point at all. I mean it's just crazy: just you look at this guy it's crazy because as he's coming in and a couple reporters and cameraman are following him towards the courtroom, he has his hands placed into the symbol of a triangle, which is kind of interesting and reminiscent of the pizza gate symbols of man-boy love stuff, but I doubt that's exactly what he's going for: I think he's more just doing that because it's a somewhat intelligent looking thing to do, but more so just he needs do something with his hands.

If you look at this guy's face he's clearly in his mind thinking if this were fucking Pakistan I would just beat the shit out of you people and hire people to kill you: that's what he's thinking; if he weren't under all this spotlight that's what he would be doing.


And again remember the reports that I've heard no-one dismiss or disprove, and I followed his pretty closely, that puts Jamal Awan with Seth Rich the night he's murdered at a DNC party. So just remember that that that's how crazy all these connections are: so the Jamala one kill seth rich maybe possibly but more than likely he seems like he might have been at least the smart enough guy to - more so just reported it to his person his hitman person because he knows that would be pretty obvious connection that people would be witness to and you know you know who knows?

I mean it's just so crazy this Awan stuff is just insane and and and the other crazy things is that is is that to consider is that so he went to the judge and asked if he could have the GPS monitoring stuff removed and he asked it for the reasons of his kids and they might have an emergency as if he couldn't do that why he was on a GPS monitor but then get this his kids are in Pakistan



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Only if they met the eve of his destruction. With Co-workers who have pictures with matching meta data.

Why. No... he has enough power to influence a Congressional hearing? While being televised live?