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Jack Burkman is a class A media whore and an anti Trump activist. This story seems to serve his purposes on piling onto the "It's the Russians!" as well as this:

This is a class credit project for students and a publicity stunt for Jack Burkman. see https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1946605 Here's a portion of my post there.

The parent company of The Publicity Agency is Selig Multimedia Inc.


"Glenn Selig (pronounced Sell-ig), is the strategist-in-chief at The Agency. He is an award-winning former TV news anchor and investigative reporter who enjoyed a successful 20-year career in news before starting The Publicity Agency (TPA) in early 2007.  Since then, Glenn and The Agency have been involved with some of the biggest crisis management PR cases in the U.S. and many notable, national publicity campaigns. Glenn is president and CEO of Selig Multimedia, Inc., TPA’s parent company, which he established. 

In a relative short time, the corporation has grown into a powerful force in public relations. The company also owns and operates PR NewsChannel, a competitive, aggressive and affordable news release distribution company.

In addition, the story may be being used to promote this angle for students: http://www.usforacle.com/news/view.php/689208/PR-partnership-offers-publishing-opportu from 2013

'Now, students can have their work published right from the classroom due to a partnership between the School of Mass Communications and PR NewsChannel U (PRNC U), a local multimedia agency.'

"The program will allow the PR students to see exactly how a press release works in the real world,” Tyler Ragghianti, project manager at PRNC U’s parent company Selig Multimedia, said. “The releases they will write in the classroom will be put on PR NewsChannel’s website and we’ll distribute it just like any other release from our clients.”

Ragghianti said PRNC U will provide students with feedback reports that will tell them how well their release was dispersed through the Internet and the media.

“They get to see not only how a press release is passed through the Internet, but also how effective their writing can be when they use relevant topics or keywords,” he said. “If it gets picked up by a local news station or any kind of media, then they’ll also get to learn about that whole process as well.”

Selig Multimedia will also be sending representatives to the classroom to speak with students about marketing, public relations and professional media. ...

Ragghianti said there are also plans to extend PRNC U to other universities around the U.S.

“Our goal is to help as many PR students as possible, so we have reached out to other schools who will hopefully be picking up the program soon,” he said.

I'm also inclined to believe that this story is damage control and a distraction away from this story: https://voat.co/v/news/1946853


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Thank you for the updates. I agree the release of the report distracts from the illegal voter story.


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"Death does not appear to be random homicide."

Posted today @ Drudge Report