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Shills are going hard on this, claiming it is illegal to see this and that they are sleepy. It could be them pulling our leg, they know that if we see a lot of shills in a thread, it must be big. They are evolving, one day they will shill on a fake news to trick us. I am downloading this and ill give it a look.

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Mind control "I am sleepy" or code for the other shills to join in to downvote, etc... ?

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I believe this sleep auto-suggestion works well on Austists.... so they spam the thread with them. Seriously.

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I just ran a git diff between Webb's version and Guccifer2.0's version of the NGP VAN leaks and they seem identical apart from the fact that Guccifer2.0's version has two extra files (CIR.zip and DNCBSDUserIDExport20090922.zip) and Webb's version seems to have everything unzipped. So, not much really here, unless I'm missing something.

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Thanks for making this thread and sticking it OP

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No problem. His name was Seth Rich!

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Anyone digging?

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I'll believe it when I see it. George Webb has produced absolutely no evidence. I would love to be wrong about him.

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Angela Merkel: Hitler’s Daughter, The Secret Stasi Files And Artificial Insemination


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Files seem to be from 2009-2011. Mostly boring powerpoints and old excel documents. Does not appear to have anything to do whatsoever with the 2016 election. Feel free to correct if there's something there I'm missing but altogether bizarre to claim this is Seth Rich's thumbdrive. People are saying it's from an old leak.

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Folder Media has files from 2016, im on mobile, i just gave it a look, didnt open anything, hopefully diggers will go through this.