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I like Minecraft. I rarely play video games anymore, but when I do, I mostly play Minecraft. It's relaxing and you build stuff.


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The reason I hate it is less about the game and more about the community.

See, I've been a resident of an IRC network since about 1997. A quiet backwater IRC network that used to be roleplaying centric. And eventually, for some reason the official Minecraft IRC channel chose to settle on my home network. It used to be a nice peaceful place like the Shire from LOTR before the events of the books. Then all the clueless children came. and the assholes out to grief the clueless children. and the angry parents of the clueless children. and more clueless children. And we started getting DDOSed by the griefers and blackhats, just because some plugin they didnt like, had a channel on our network. and we get all these sleepwalking imbeciles who ignore all the warnings that our help channel WILL NOT help you with minecraft. And the network, post minecraft invasion, is more like the industrialized shire at the end, when they have to chase saruman out. Can't run a RPG channel anymore without some clueless fuck barging in and assuming it's some sort of fancy minecraft mod and where's a server they can connect to.

TL;DR - Fuckin kids need to get off my lawn.


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That sucks. Minecraft strangely attracts dumb kids who play it for what I think are all the wrong reasons. Notch himself said he couldn't relate with the majority of the game's fans. I don't engage with the Minecraft community at all.