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The only deadly thing about Creepers is their lack of sound while moving. The timer for their explosions renders a sprint-punch and couple steps back enough to send them out of range for the explosion to do any real damage, and in caves/tight spaces you should already have means to keep mobs out of your current position. The only real threat is to all of the newbies that build houses out of wood/dirt and don't light them so that the explosion kills all of the ten year olds that play the game, and leaves collateral that leaves them vulnerable to other mobs that are wondering about with the Creeper. I personally find Endermen much more stressful to deal with because when left alone they're fuck up your structure, and the only 'newbie' way to fight them is to cover your shit in water, which doesn't always work out so well, or to use snowballs, which involves keeping a few item slots full because of their low stack count.

I miss /v/voatcraft