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Thanks for that. We all make mistakes, but few are men/women enough to own up to them.

Good wind, sailor! :)


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I am glad that we could come to an understanding. :-) If there is anything else I can do, please let me know.


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Good, it is unfair banning someone pre-emptively, especially ElectroLumus, who posted how he had exploited the sytem so that the admins would fix it.
Also, it's good that you admit your mistakes, not many do. I hope now that the drama goes away.

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Well, you did spam and abuse the system to create drama. You can't blame him for not wanting you in his community.

EDIT: I don't why you are downvoting me, this comment is quite relevant.

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If you feel that way you are welcome to help us try to keep the place that way. v/protectvoat.

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central case study in future discussions about the dangers mods pose to the community.

I think we're getting the main one over in v/askvoat right now lol.


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Are you saying we can't have serious discussion in /v/seriousdiscussion or on Voat in general? I don't believe we've hit rock bottom on either side so I'm not yet willing to throw in the towel. When I saw your post on the banning I had to use all my power of self-control to not unsub from here. I read the comments and weighed them against my own opinions and treatment on Voat. I am still subscribed because I have faith in this community on Voat. The /v/askvoat debacle was messy, but I believe it was a healthy development for this community that will make us stronger in time. This event will no doubt do the same.

I do understand your anger and frustration since I have personally encountered similar abuse on Reddit. I know how it sucks to be singled out like you were and made spectacle of for speaking up. I don't yet know if I can believe that Nurdoidz is sincerely acting humbled and correcting the wrong or just controlling the damage, but I do think the answers will come in time and we will have a better perspective of the lasting effects from this. We're part of a grand and exciting experiment here on Voat where we are trying to shape a community in the shadow of a once beloved mega-community. We will all undoubtedly rub each other the wrong way as we try to find our place here. The important part, for me at least, is to continue on and keep openly discussing things so we can mold this site into what it has the potential to be: a platform for open speech. Every Voat member is in some way important to how this community grows and even the events you and others find yourselves in at the moment are essential to the healthy maturation of our community. Pick yourself up, dust off and stand strong ready to speak out again so we can keep your voice heard even if some do not agree with it. I again used all my self-control not to downvoat you because I want to encourage this site to grow and you have already taken enough abuse as it stands.


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Most of the deleted comments were within the rules as outlined in the sidebar.

I truly hope that this is the result of you having time to think about it. Part of me thinks you got your hand smacked by atko, but I want to give you the benefit of the doubt because this is a stand up move on your part. As someone that helps with development I would hope that you would want to see this site become something great and not a rehash of the same mistakes that reddit made.

BTW u/She is deleting threads on v/askvoat for violating rules that don't even exist. That is what you were defending, so I hope that you will publicly renounce that sort of conduct as well at some point and, in doing so, become the leader in this community that you have positioned yourself to be by modding a sub like this one.


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Atko is not interested in drama nor has he ever been. The only comment he has made toward me regarding this drama I have caused is "drama queen", something he's been poking fun at me for a long time. He has stated that he only cares about the modlog.

My opinion on the bans has changed once a few individuals on IRC called me out on it. I wasn't able to defend my position any longer so I finally realized I was in the wrong.

As for defending she, I am not in full support of her actions. I believe that the drama went a little far, but I have publically (IRC) criticized her, specifically for deleting a popular thread on the basis of an arbitrary rule such as a missing question mark, something that will never see the light of day on /v/SeriousDiscussion.

I just want to move passed this mistake and, while I believe many will never forgive me, the drama with me ends here. I will no longer be discussing the controversy.

If you have anything else to ask of me, I am more than happy to discuss where I and my mod team stands in regards to rule enforcing and what not. Or, if you'd like to post a separate thread on this sub about your concerns, I highly encourage that for more exposure and a better organized discussion.


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I have no idea what's been happening but this post sounds reasonable. Well done. Most problems can be defused. I'll be subscribing.


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Good on you mate. Being able to admit a mistake is certainly progress.

I can even see where you were coming from but I don't agree with the action taken. You have earned some respect today.


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I can't believe I was banned with no explanation, and then un banned with no apology. At no time during my posting in a single thread here did I post anything untrue, or against the subs rules. My banning is quite suspicious and I'd like assurances from moderators here that that sort of thing could not occur again.

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