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Thanks! I shall add that to my vocabulary.


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I consider myself a productive worker if I'm motivated in the task I'm working on. Sometimes I get sidetracked or lose interest, but most of the time I believe I'm fairly productive. I admit I'm always looking for ways to be more efficient, especially with my time, as sometimes I'll finish a task only to realize there was an easier, more efficient alternative method I could have used. It's definitely something I can always improve upon.

I just discovered this GifCam app the other day that lets you create a gif of your screen activity. I plan to use this as a quicker method of giving instructions to people rather than typing out each individual step.


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Would you consider yourself an efficient or productive worker?

I manage to be, in spite of myself. I couldn't tell how precisely, the fact that I can stay focus 12 hours working on the same thing with very few breaks helps.

Also, before actually beginning a new task, I can spend a long time reading about it, then experimenting (trial-an-error). This makes working very slow the first couple of days, then productivity skyrockets.

Do you use any tools to help? If so, what tools?

If I need some part of my work automated, I write a script for it. But, in opposition to you, I like to retain (a perceived) control of most tasks.

What really speeds up my work is the quality of the tools. For example, I've started using new IDEs and exploring their possibilities, it makes a very big difference when they are capable of simplifying and automating small but complex tasks.


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I'm psyched to make your list =)