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Are you saying we can't have serious discussion in /v/seriousdiscussion or on Voat in general? I don't believe we've hit rock bottom on either side so I'm not yet willing to throw in the towel. When I saw your post on the banning I had to use all my power of self-control to not unsub from here. I read the comments and weighed them against my own opinions and treatment on Voat. I am still subscribed because I have faith in this community on Voat. The /v/askvoat debacle was messy, but I believe it was a healthy development for this community that will make us stronger in time. This event will no doubt do the same.

I do understand your anger and frustration since I have personally encountered similar abuse on Reddit. I know how it sucks to be singled out like you were and made spectacle of for speaking up. I don't yet know if I can believe that Nurdoidz is sincerely acting humbled and correcting the wrong or just controlling the damage, but I do think the answers will come in time and we will have a better perspective of the lasting effects from this. We're part of a grand and exciting experiment here on Voat where we are trying to shape a community in the shadow of a once beloved mega-community. We will all undoubtedly rub each other the wrong way as we try to find our place here. The important part, for me at least, is to continue on and keep openly discussing things so we can mold this site into what it has the potential to be: a platform for open speech. Every Voat member is in some way important to how this community grows and even the events you and others find yourselves in at the moment are essential to the healthy maturation of our community. Pick yourself up, dust off and stand strong ready to speak out again so we can keep your voice heard even if some do not agree with it. I again used all my self-control not to downvoat you because I want to encourage this site to grow and you have already taken enough abuse as it stands.