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And how the fuck you Mr sherlock know we are trolling? I personally found it here through few other links. Never heard of this subreddit before but very aware of the censorship certain mods mentioned in this tread are doing and that seriously should be stopped. People who love this kindof behavior though, fuck of back to reddit, you're in heaven there. And yes, I did downvote you for accusing people as brigardes and demanding they have to be banned simply because they don't admit to your bullshit way of seeing things, did it ever occur to you that people perhaps don't LIKE your way of seeing things? (you're most likely doing it with an certain agenda though, so it's understandable or are you just the drama droll here?). I'm just an ordinary user and NSFW mod myself, been doing it for years in reddit but I can't support that bullshit what they have going on over here so I left. But it seems reddit is like a heaven for you and your views so what are you doing in here?