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Keep in mind mods request shadow bans, admins implement them.

That's incorrect. Anyone may report any user who is breaking site wide rules to the admins, both mods and other users all use the same channels to do so.

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Not at all. Reddit started going rotten years ago, with powermods getting their hands on tens to hundreds of subreddits just to have a number to show. The administration incompetence is what it's finally bringing it down completely, but the problems at the root were the absuive moderators themselves.


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Mods who were aligned politically or ended up working at reddit with the admins played a huge part in reddit's failure because even while some radicals and unreasonables were removed by the content policies, mod overreach and stupidity on a number of fronts was outright allowed to happen by reddit, as evidenced by Huffman's outright refusal to comment on disruptive and abusive communities that lean in the opposite direction from the communities that were actioned.