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That's awesome! Great improvement on time, too.

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On a side note. We once had a discussion about cold. My water heater died and I can't afford to get a new one for a minute. So I've been forced into cold showers. It's been a meditative thing. I have to focus and let everything go. I still hate it, but I am forced to confront the cold each day. It's grown easier, but I'm still not a fan.

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inhale and exhale slow deep breathes. it helps with cold showers.

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I learned to take a 30-180 second cold rinse after every hot shower. For me, it's purely to toughen up and stay that way. But I was taught that it was healthy for the skin and tightens the pores to keep the warmth in before going out.

I can confirm that cold days are much more bearable using this tactic.

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Have to say I don't "like" it either, but that's the point, really. Take you out of your comfort zone.

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making it brah

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What kind of bike?

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It's a Trek Crossrip. A cyclocross style bike.

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Good on you. Self-improvement.

The days are getting shorter, get some good LED lights.

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Yeah, I need some lights. I leave at 6am. So far I've just been as careful as possible while on the street. And most of my ride is actually dedicated bike path, which is nice. But either way, I'm technically illegal w/o them in the dark.

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Yep. eBay has some excellent cheap-os that are good to have as backups (people sometimes swipe lights). They'll keep you seen and legal. USB-recharging ones are literally around $2 each. I can recommend a set

I recommend these Micro-USB recharging lights.

Of the cheap-o lights I've seen, these have the lowest failure rates and are the easiest to use (the next fanciest model required a carefully timed on/off- if you missed the 'release' period on it while holding the 'off,' in which the light begins dimming for about .1 seconds then it would just switch modes instead of turning off). The "worst" issue I've had was a slightly sticky button for the power button, which worked itself into being less sticky the more I used it until it went normal.

I haven't linked to any particular sellers, and I don't want to be seen playing "favorites" with any particular seller, either, but you can find those styles on ebay if you search "USB bike lights."

Despite their cheapness, I don't recommend Gummy's because while they're initially bright they don't last long, and their failure rate is quite high relative to the other linked ones, and I generally dislike use-and-toss batteries.

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Good shit!

Bicycling is my favorite form of cardio, and pushups and pullups together make an excellent upper body routine.

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I'm loving my rides. Im a little bummed when it rains.

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Wind is the worst. I think I'd rather have rain than 20mph winds.

But maybe if I were riding in the rain I'd say the opposite!

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You need to eat FAT more than protein. There's decades of science that prove this. Eat more good fat and some protein. And as close to zero carbs/sugar as you can. Fat is good.

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I wonder if it was you I talked to a while back. Someone here was recommending a high fat diet w a specific type of fat. It was a little while back. They linked me something, but it's probably too far back in my history, probably gone.