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Daniel Craig ("The Force Awakens")

Rose Byrne ("Attack of the Clones")

Bill Hader and Ben Schwartz ("The Force Awakens")

Keira Knightly ("The Phantom Menace")

Thomas Brodie-Sangster ("The Force Awakens")

Sally Hawkins ("The Phantom Menace")

Joel Edgerton ("Attack of the Clones" and "Revenge of the Sith")

Keisha Castle-Hughes ("Revenge of the Sith")

Dominic West ("The Phantom Menace")

Simon Pegg ("The Force Awakens")

Billie Lourd ("The Force Awakens")

John Ratzenberger ("The Empire Strikes Back")

Tony Cox ("Return of the Jedi")

Julian Glover ("The Empire Strikes Back")

Richard Armitage ("The Phantom Menace")

Sofia Coppola ("The Phantom Menace")

Deep Roy ("Return of the Jedi")

Bai Ling ("Revenge of the Sith")

Peter Serafinowicz ("The Phantom Menace")

Harriet Walter ("The Force Awakens")

Treat Williams ("The Empire Strikes Back")

Marton Csokas ("Attack of the Clones")