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Suggestions for the next age? by NobleParadox in SavageGods

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More penis pump trees and pocket vagina caves. The dildonians demand action be taken now, before all the holes are used.

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Yuna curses the Fleshchangers by singingoncloudnine in SavageGods

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[M] Seriously? Again? The fleshchanged exhibit a POSSIBILITY of going "bestial" if the society in which they preside becomes complacent and lazy, to the point where no progress is being made. If nobody had come to fight the Romans, we never would have (eventually) entered an industrial revolution. This is a natural way to ensure progression without interfering in a closed system, such as our own world. When the fleshchanged are not "bestial" they are working towards the improvement of their host species. Their entire goal in life to do induce a change. That change may be good or bad, depending on the situation and your point of view, but nowhere in the creation of these did anyone say that they were guaranteed to "go and massacre all of the people they know" UNLESS the society in which they found themselves had become so consumed by sloth that they were no longer growing and changing as a society. Seeing as no Utopian societies exist in the real world, the possibility of a Utopian society spontaneously evolving in a game that we control seems horribly unlikely, especially with gods whose entire purpose is to counter Utopia.

[M] I understand where the concerns are coming from, but they are coming from a clear and distinct misunderstanding of the prosaic language used in the creation and blessing of the creatures, as well as a clear misunderstanding on the INTENT of their creation. If Umbralocht @bobusdoleus wanted them to be the harbingers of doom and carnage and cannibalism across the continents, he would have created cannibals. These were supposed to be complex creatures with the ability to engender change, good or bad, which I, at least, had intended to push towards the side of progress. Sure, there would be a few that would go mad (most likely among the Shrykes or the Flora, being the only races with segments that are truly at peace with the world, in a sense), but that was INTENDED to be a small minority. A legend to spread scary stories among the populace.

[M] They are nearly impossible to make overpowered, as they are intended to be spread evenly among the planet, and despite any arguments you can possibly try to make for a misunderstanding that I have disproved time and time again, they were never immortal, they could fight and kill eachother, and they were entirely killable by any normal race (though if they went bestial, it would take a few people to take them down, much like it takes several people to take down some dude jacked up on PCP).

[M] @bobusdoleus has tried time and again to make modifications that would satisfy your grievances about the Fleshchanged, but each time has been shot down by a series of misunderstandings about the very nature of the creatures, brought on, as I said before, by syntactically complex prosaic speech patterns in the original creation and subsequent blessings. Thank god the curse Phyra laid has been removed, because that pretty much guaranteed they'd be screwed, but then here we are again, and they go extinct in a single generation. I don't know how I can be more clear about the intention of my own posts, or how Umbralocht can be more clear about the intention behind his posts than we already have.

[M] It's truly exasperating to see something I thought would make a great narrative tool for all races become so systematically abused, and I totally understand why Phyra was pissed about the curse Umbralocht laid on the Shrykes, but again, the INTENTION was not that they go extinct in a generation, the INTENTION was that they split from a single location. This was totally against what Oveass wanted for the Shrykes, which is fair, but, honestly, if he had just played along with it and allowed the Shrykes to split into 2 or 3 organized factions, the tragedy of The Roost would have been mitigated to a fraction of the destruction it was. All things being equal, if the Shrykes had acted as Umbralocht intended, he would have saved their lives by introducing some level of strife. It's almost like strife brings about positive change in a population. Almost as if things evolve and grow stronger as they are presented with new challenges. Almost as if societies evolve naturally in a manner very similar to the way species do on our own world. Oh! And look! We have evidence everywhere we look in our own world that this is true, and now a catalyst to institute a subtle method within the game world as well to induce such evolution within the species. Huzzah! Or not....


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