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Birr watched as the Theod did these things with the Node placed in the city and let out a laugh.

The Nodes were never meant to be moved, yet the Theod were having this one flown about the sky above the city. This worried Birr though. They were made to be very resilient to the environment and were not easily damaged, but if the Node were to fall from such a height it may shatter.

Birr chose to let them keep doing what they were with the Node, but he would inform them of this.

Birr appeared in a burst of confetti and party horn noises near the place the Node was originally placed to the bewilderment of the Theod near.

"Do not be afraid! I am Birr the god of Motion and Energies."

The Theod gathered were both terrified and ecstatic about him appearing and, not knowing how to respond, opted for a humble bow.

"Stop that! I'm not a fan of people bowing to me... There now about this Node you've hoisted to the sky. I like it, but be extremely careful that it is not dropped as I did not take into account that anyone might do something like this so I don't know what might happen and I really don't want this city to disappear or anything. If a Node shatters, there are a great many things that could happen and a massive explosion would be one of the worst things that could. So please do be careful."

Birr looked at the hole where the Node once stood and saw that it was made into a little pond with a couple of fish in it.

This was nice.

"I like what you did with the Node hole. It's fitting somehow. Also, please inform everyone else what I have told you about the Nodes. They are not meant to be moved. This city's Node will be the exception because I understand how hard that was to get where it is."

Birr went to the leaders of the Theod and placed in their hands small blue and black gears.

"These are how your people shall access the Node's abilities. They shall link with the Node nearest you should you travel."

Birr went back to the garden where the Node hole pond was and sat on a bench gazing upon the pond and simply talked with whomever felt brave enough to approach him.