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Birr woke with a start.

How long had he been asleep? Oh well.

He felt these presences, they were... different.

One of utter silence, the absence of any energy in the air, stillness.

The other a machine, also silent but within was a constant moving...


Birr melted the snow and ice covering him and stood up.

The internals of this creature were a menagerie of gears all moving in a beautifully fluid way.

Birr much appreciated this motion and wished to aid this creature as it multiplied.

He imbued the bottom of the Seraph's shell with the ability to reflect trapar and fly when needed.

This way as it explored, it would be less hindered by obstacles.

domain(s) +1 Flow of energy
special rule description
Reflecting The underside of the Seraph's shell can reflect trapar, allowing them to fly.


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What was this, the Seraph turned out slightly different than intended, given flight by particles that could not be seen.

Here, already, was evidence of the invisible hands. The forces that be have altered this creation, just as they have shaped this world. Surprisingly, they seemed to have blessed the creation, giving it a boon. A small gesture to be sure, yet it would not go unnoticed, nor unappreciated.

Curious, this would warrant further exploration. Perhaps the powers that be would reveal themselves sooner than anticipated, perhaps the world was not as dead as it seemed.

The Silent One would have smiled, if it had a mouth, or knew what smiling was. It resolved to watch this new creation, and this world carefully.

Perhaps there was hope for this world after all.