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I'm in, good ol' savage gods style, where the rules are made up and the points dont matter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KAGwNtI26w

Pervius raised himself as a street urchin in the bustling city of Gamos. His mother was probably a prostitute and his father was probably a foreigner or a soldier. He had red hair and lighter skin which did not occur naturally in Gamos. He didn't remember much of those days, only that as a child he was small and had to use his wits more to get ahead in life. He was eventually caught at the age of 15 trying to steal food and sent to prison for a fabricated crime. Of course, terrible timing on the prison sentence, they had just been emptying the prisons, sending anyone with more than a 5 year sentence to fight in the imperial army.

Pervius almost died from his injuries in his first battle, but not in vain. He saved a high-ranking officer who ensured he was pardoned of his crimes and given a full rank. Just as things started to turn the other way for Pervius, the war was over and he was dismissed. With the little pay he was given, he traveled around as a mercenary seeking work that allow him to fulfill his dream, purchasing a cottage in the countryside and having the comfortable life he was never given.

It was not too long that he came across a well paying job that required only a little experience: to join a travelling company.

"But it would be with dendra..." the job-matcher told Pervius.

"Does it pay enough? I need about 3000 gold pieces" asked Pervius

"500 minimum and 50 pieces a day. So maybe, depends how long the expedition is. But I remind you, you will be working for Dendra."

"Well, I worked for worse." Pervius joked.

"Serving the imperial army is a privilege." retorted the job-matcher indignantly.

"Uh-huh." Said Pervius, throwing some coins on the table and grabbing the forms off the table. A few days caravan ride and he will make it to Gold Leaf where he can find some rich idiot named Silvano. Hopefully he will afford it, walking would be troublesome. He itched at his scars and then fingered the money he had pick-pocketed off the job-matcher when he wasn't looking. And can it stop being so damn cold?


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LOL, I love this already. However, no one knows about Silvano; his Dendra name is Rhyt Pommeson.
Also, humans were never created on Ebos, but Pomme will bless any race creation you happen to think up. Until then, we'll just go with it! I can't write again until Thursday evening, but I'll be thinking up some fun stuff in the meantime.
Thanks for jumping in <3


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I honestly couldn't get into Ebos too much because of work during the summer but now that school started up again I have more time.
Also I never said that Pervius is human ;) I'll think of what he is later.
I don't mind the slow tempo you have in mind or if we are the only ones that do it. Just want to write stories and read them. :P.