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Science Reveals The Face Of God And It Looks Like Elon Musk

"This may help explain why the study's collective God looks like Elon Musk, who undeniably looks like a pretty average white person."

'Put an aggregated vision of what God looks like next to a head shot of Elon Musk and prepare to be freaked out. '

'A study that surveyed 511 American Christians yielded a composite image of what the participants believe God looks like. '

'Interestingly, a "face of God" that looks like Elon Musk means that we seem to think the Creator is a very modern man; clean-shaven and rather youthful looking, unlike the classic images of an old dude with a big beard in the clouds. '

'All the selections were then combined into the composite face of the being that created heavens and earth... or is it the man who wants to moves us from earth deeper into the heavens?'

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