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There is no fucking housing crisis, there's a crisis of having millions of illiterate third-world people with no relevant job skills flooding the labor market and suppressing wage growth. Surprise! They can't afford a fucking house by hanging out in the parking lot of Home Depot and digging ditches for sprinklers when passers by need some cheap labor.

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Supply and demand thus you need less people. Build the wall and deport them all. Hefty upfront cost but 1000 times cheaper afterwards.

Also, if we cant buy a house easily in another country you cant own land/house here.

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A big issue here in California now is some stupid new bill to thwart "possible" off shore oil drilling.

"Hey boomer shitlibs, build the wall and they won't have to drill"

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RBe @RBPundit

You want me, in Virginia, to subsidize California’s ridiculous housing prices?

Are you high?

Probably, but drug tests are racist.