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They never seem to include other categories like "contributions to mankind - 99%".


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This is horribly misleading Harvey. You aren't taking into account the things that the other races have done at all, like setting us back, taking our money, or wasting positions in jobs and universities.

Totally unfair assesment.


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  1. In those numbers jews are being counted as white.

  2. What if we show numbers for like the UN or african countries? White country has white leaders and black countries have black leaders OMG! show whites as percent of world population and projected. Ie real numbers.

  3. Show (((2%))) numbers for positions of power and influence.


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In those numbers jews are being counted as white.

This is getting old so fast.

Jews don't even claim to be white in most cases, it would go against their identity to believe that.

Just the other day in Spectator Magazine (UK) I saw a Liberal talking about that Hollywood guy sexually harnessing the girls - he transformed into a white man somehow. I was like "What? he almost certainly doesn't believe that himself!"

The best part: if you mention this weird all enveloping 'whiteness', you're the racist. Not the people pushing the amazing new blackface whiteface thing.

I'm sure my local Jews will be overjoyed to know they're 'white', as if.

I guess it's like that guy who identifies as a Honda. We're just supposed to take his word for it. No beeping or oil changes or anything, just hunting in the fridge like a normal human being.

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The pamphlet explained how white people were overly represented in the government, military and media.

As if there is no good reason for it.


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If the kid actually did ask that question, then he's one sharp cookie.


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It's a hard Red Pill to take I guess.


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"white people were overly represented in the government, military and media - and how that gives white people privileges not afforded to minorities."

Jewish people were overly represented in the government, military and media - and how that gives jewish people privileges not afforded to minorities.


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'I think the message itself is inappropriate because yes there is racism out here, and they need to learn about it. But let the parents do that,'

Nope, we're going to have Klansmen read to kindergartners;

Alt-Right fashion shows on television;

history will only teach about the fall of Greece and Rome after the age of decadence;

the Human rights code will force all non-whites to refer to Whites with the pronouns Master/Master's;

we'll institute quotas for white men to enter university;

non-white taxpayers will pay for white people's orthodontics, plastic surgery, protein powder, gym memberships, smart phones, and farmer's market purchases;

all crimes against whites receive double sentencing;

whites will have the liberty to riot at their convenience when trials don't go their way;

non-whites will be guilted to reenact building a city, watch it become overrun with crime, move to the suburbs to have a safe environment to raise a family, and commute 2 hours into said city for work where 40% of your paycheck goes to the kinds of people who compelled you to move in the first place;

anyone who mentions this will be treated as a paranoid, delusional, brown supremacist;

and any brown person who manages to make a decent living in this system will be forced to kiss the feet of whites and tell them how their privilege was the key to their success

If this sound fucking absurd, now you understand what white people have being saying for more than 60 years. Now white people know what it's like to be treated like shit, discriminated against and treated as second class citizens. Lesson learned, empathy gained. We get it. It sucks.

This is so reactiontionary, so overblown, so far past the line of 'equality' that it's clearly discrimination meant to subjugate and demoralize a people, and the people it most effects are not the generation who benefited from a segregated past, but generations later.


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Fucking hell - in primary schools? I'd be beyond livid if some dumbshit SJW teacher tried pushing that on my children.

Someone should absolutely not get the men folk, a few black hoods to send a message.

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