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Hopefully White women grow some brains and realize that they need to side with White men. I am tired of seeing so many feminists amongst our folk. It makes me sick. I spoke out against it in college and not ONE person of my race supported me. Not one. The most hate I received were from White women. Even more than nigger women.

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Yet the cucks on here tell you to stay and fight for those same white women.

Can't spell CUCKED without the UK. Or Canada.

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I would have supported you fren, fuck normies.

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Thanks man. I could only see the bait in college but I couldn't see the hook (the jews). I saw feminism as a huge enemy to America, and Europe, I felt the division and hate women had among men made no sense to me and was destroying the family unit and the integrity of society. I only understood a small fraction on race but I was definitely far behind at the time about race and was blind to the jewish question. I just saw and felt something terribly wrong. The symptoms were there but I didn't know the problem and god forbid if anyone were to speak out about it. My timing wasn't right. NOW however the timing is getting closer to being right on target. The racial issues, the jewish question, the destruction of the family unit and of White civilization is becoming more and more obvious. People are waiting for someone to tell it to them. It has to come from the top.

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((( Teen Vogue )))

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Eeerrr no, White Women don't have to answer to you. Get fucked Teen Vogue, noone is going to have you tell them what to do. https://youtube.com/watch?list=PLyZjKV-F9ATu0RDPQBCFDqfkZt8L0TvNe&v=4Prc1UfuokY

Fuck off Jews known as the Synagogue Of Satan, we know who you are, you're going to the pit for eternity. Burn forever & NO Riches can you take.

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"Attention shitskins, shut the fuck up already."

That is all.

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answer? answer to WHO??

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To the commissars of The Party comrade.