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LOL, so if Whites are better at something then it's racism.

Good god.

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If you read the article it's not so much whites as "people who speak English". Because failing someone for being illiterate in the language classes are taught in is "rayyycist".

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But then it goes on to cite races and their fail rates.

Also, people who don't speak Englush are not White.

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I swear liberals make the case for white supremacy for us.

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White scale A B C D F

Black Scale A+ A A- B+ B B-

Median white grade: B

Median Black grade: B-

Liberals in the future: That's still racist.

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New black scale:

A++,A+ A , A-, white woman

Liberals: this is equality

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What exactly is a "citizen grade" and how is that going to be used?