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I watched 12 strong last night. It had a black guy and a Mexican guy featuring heavily amongst the 12. Got to the end and there was a photo of the ODA 595 special forces team known also as the horse soldiers.

Here's that photo. What do you notice?


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Wow those bigots of the past replaced the two minority team members with jewish actors for the photo!

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historical facts are racist and must be corrected by (((Hollywood))) writers

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I made the same comment about 2 months ago when I watched it.

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so sick of blackwashing

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Gotta love the Judeo-Marxism from the Chaimstream Media.

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Come on man. If you're going to fix it, at least line them up properly.

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Anyone remember the nigger pretend President and his take on the muslim/NASA/nigger situation? Most with an ounce of sense is still laughing.


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Fucking kikes....

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Fucking polo shirts....