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I haven't been on there in years but at one time it was like a gentle-protovoat. It was good for the Jr crowd, I figured it was a hideout for these consvertive kids. Sad to see another fall.


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Funnyjunk was a'ight, but it was never that amazing. Pretty normie-tier, if we're going by early '00s tier of normie-dom and not, "autistically screeching harpy"-dom. Nothing of real value was lost. Maybe the experience will be their own version of swallowing the creeping-censorship pill, and find their way to voat; most of them will probably end up in the chans, and others will slink back to reddit, like the defeated faggots they are. Only time will tell.

Free speech platforms are popping up all over the damned place, now. The more they try to censor us: the stronger we become, and the more vectors of dissemination we gain. Because once people are kicked off enough platforms, they'll learn to never go back. I like how many edgy faggots like to claim that we're hypocrites, and just talk a lot about leaving reddit but never actually do. These projecting faggots don't realize: we actually did leave. A good portion of us. I'd even wager to say that those who still actively use both reddit and voat are the minority, around here.

Anyways, all this to say: funnkyjunk just shot itself in the dick, that's about it. Life moves on.