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Sorry but I had to downvote for misinformation.

It is sick that French Vogue would present children in a sexual way.

However 10-year-old French model Thylane Loubry Blondeau is a girl.

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Thanks for making the effort to post this correction and additional information. This shit is sick enough with the pedo aspect without needing to add anything extra. Doing so only distracts from the truth and gives the lefties a chance to attack our messaging.

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[–] GrandmasFacebook 2 points 7 points (+9|-2) ago 

I am happy you corrected OP and told us the truth. But I don't feel better about this, none the less.

I can see the artistic value of posing little girls instead of grown women. I (who is probably summoning the ire of /v/pizzagate with this sentence) can even understand posing pubescent girls like women and highlighting their sexual prowess. What I can not understand, however, is selling little girls like whores.

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It's still pretty fucking disgusting that they would sexualize a 10 year old being male or female

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Correct. This is a pretty old shoot and the second time I've seen this meme on voat. No need to stir up outrage over an untrue part when the truth is so bad. If you look at my first link she is not the only one. I'm sure V/pizzagate ( @Crensch wanna chime in?) might be of the opinion this is a catalogue for abusers... It didn't occur to me when it came out but now...

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Female or "Identifies as Female"?

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You tell me. No mention of the latter on the wiki, I think she is XX.