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Sorry but I had to downvote for misinformation.

It is sick that French Vogue would present children in a sexual way.

However 10-year-old French model Thylane Loubry Blondeau is a girl.


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Thanks for making the effort to post this correction and additional information. This shit is sick enough with the pedo aspect without needing to add anything extra. Doing so only distracts from the truth and gives the lefties a chance to attack our messaging.

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I am happy you corrected OP and told us the truth. But I don't feel better about this, none the less.

I can see the artistic value of posing little girls instead of grown women. I (who is probably summoning the ire of /v/pizzagate with this sentence) can even understand posing pubescent girls like women and highlighting their sexual prowess. What I can not understand, however, is selling little girls like whores.

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It's still pretty fucking disgusting that they would sexualize a 10 year old being male or female

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Correct. This is a pretty old shoot and the second time I've seen this meme on voat. No need to stir up outrage over an untrue part when the truth is so bad. If you look at my first link she is not the only one. I'm sure V/pizzagate ( @Crensch wanna chime in?) might be of the opinion this is a catalogue for abusers... It didn't occur to me when it came out but now...

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Female or "Identifies as Female"?

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You tell me. No mention of the latter on the wiki, I think she is XX.

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This is society on cultural marxism: normalized degeneracy.

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That's what they Jews did to Germany after WW1 until they were saved from degeneracy, crippling poverty and a communist revolution by Hitler.

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That's a BOY?

I've seen these pictures before and my thought was that they probably shouldn't be presenting a young girl like that. The fact that it's a boy makes it even more ridiculous. What's the point of that anyway? How is that going to sell their product?

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No one cares if boys are sexualized, so let's dress them up as girls to normalize pedophilia. Then when actual girls are used it won't be as much of a shock.

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I think there are still plenty of people who care about that but probably not within their target audience.

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Deliberately chosen to resemble Brooke Shields' old pedo-scraping covers of the late 70s.

The New New Weimar.

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Who else is eyeing a photo shoot of an 8 year old drag queen?

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How is that going to sell their product?

It will get them a lot of attention on social media. There's a risk since it's so controversial but it might still be worth it overall. How high do you estimate the risk for their target demographic of vain women to boycott their fashion magazine and advertisers because they exploited and emasculated young boys?

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How high do you estimate the risk for their target demographic of vain women to boycott their fashion magazine and advertisers because they exploited and emasculated young boys?

The same demographic buys pseudoscience based "anti aging" face cream made of chopped up baby foreskin so I would say the risk is low.

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The issue here is not whether a male is dressed as a female or whether or not an underage boy is dressed as a girl. The real issue is that an underage boy is being sexualized while dressed up as a female. While this is horrible enough to do to an underage girl, what they're actually doing is making this underage boy appear as a sexually developed and attractive grown female. Every straight man that is only attracted to adult women sees this. They know it is an underage, cross dressed boy but their eyes see what appears to be a leggy, adult lady with puffy lips and make up. In this manner they are eliciting an inevitable sexual arousal from straight men while also making them feel guilty. It is like a worm turning in their minds. At the same time, they're doing all of this behind the cover of human rights, civil rights, gay rights etc. This is a way to normalize and mainstream pedophilia and at the same time to confuse, confound and create feelings of shame in straight men who would otherwise be outraged at this sort of thing. The virus spreads. Pedophilia is like any addiction, be it heroin, crack, etc. People who do it want to spread it to everyone, even their own kids. This is a conscious effort to not only normalize it but also another way to stop whites from reproducing and to collectively strip us of our masculinity.. As this becomes more and more common, it will happen first to white boys, as it already is. While African Americans and Hispanics won't care and will even laugh about it initially, as we've seen in the past, the shit rolls down hill. That cultural push may hit them later than us but it will affect them all the same.

30 years ago if someone had did this, that business would be a business no longer, whether it was a magazine, newspaper or early website. The people who did this probably would have had some sort of criminal charges leveled against them and certainly would have had to go into hiding. If nothing else, this is a great example of how outrage exhaustion, obesity, Rx drugs, illegal drugs, social media, the internet, etc have drastically changed our society for the worse. No people, no race, no country, no culture, no religion, etc. etc. can survive this type of open immorality, especially not at the commoner level.

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Damn, nigga, your shit be just as wordy as Robert Jordan and twice as boring.

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Yo I sawwy bro. I knows some of yallz be readin real slow and stuff. Props for taking the time to whine about it bro. U be representing and stuff yo!

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Shut up faggot.

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-Except its an actual girl

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It's really from feminsm. There have always been gay people, but feminism is the thing that destroys culture.

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Sick shit.

So these are actually clothes for little girls, then?

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How is this any better than bacha basi?

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