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Oh, do I ever. A friend of mine is teaching a class at a local college. Admins made her change her syllabus to not say "him/her" so that students wouldn't get offended. This shit is insane.

If you get offended by the use of "him/her" seek suicide immediately.

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Apply knife directly to fucking forehead.

Everyone working at these colleges don't feel like real people. They're very... fucking weird. Like they're barely human, acting like SJW robots. I can't even tell if they actually think.

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You mean you don't like the idea of tax and tuition dollars being spent on Transgendered Feminist Lesbian Dance Theory programs? Bigot!

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Why are you in college?

Why pay into their system?

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STEM degree in programming.

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It still won't help you in the job market if you're a white male